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Corporate Private Jet Charter

Corporations, industry, the arts and sporting teams all place their trust in LUX JETS to arrange corporate private jet charter for every occasion worldwide.

Offering the best corporate private jet charter solutions, LUX JETS has a network of thousands of jets across the Globe ready to fulfil any corporate travel itinerary.

LUX JETS | Corporate Private Jet Charter

Executive Corporate Private Jet Charter

LUX JETS understands that to executives, time is the most valuable asset. For commercial travellers, time spent waiting at airports for your departure has doubled since the outbreak of Covid-19. On average, commercial travellers will spend 3 hours at an airport waiting to depart.

Executives turn to LUX JETS to solve the woes associated with commercial flight and commercial airports. Corporate private jet charter cuts the time that executives will spend at airports by around 66%. LUX JETS' network of private jets allows for executives to arrive at their private, VIP departure lounge around 1 hour before departure. On some occasions, as little as 15 minutes.

Further, LUX JETS understand that executives cannot afford to be 'out of office' during peak hours on a flight. With commercial flight, executives often elect for early morning or evening flights to minimise their exposure away from the office. With executive jet charter, LUX JETS can ensure that the private jet is equipped with the latest telephony systems and on-board WIFI to ensure that business is not put on hold whilst soaring through the clouds.

LUX JETS | Corporate Private Jet Charter

Fully Flexible Corporate Private Jet Charter

LUX JETS understand that its corporate clients need to access all corners of the Globe. Unlike commercial aviation, private jet charter enables corporations to access remote locations not otherwise accessible. Further, jet charter is built around your corporate schedule to depart and arrive precisely when you require to minimise disruptions to your business operation.

Fully flexible and on-demand, last minute schedule changes are resolved without difficulty. Corporate clients are appointed an itinerary manager who will be at your disposal throughout the charter program.

LUX JETS | Corporate Private Jet Charter

What do Companies Use For Private Jet Charter

LUX JETS' global fleet is suitable to accommodate any corporate event or occasion. With access to small 4 seater 'air taxis' like the Cessna Citation Mustang or Embraer Phenom 100 through to ultra-long range Bombardier Global jets and Gulfstreams.

For our sporting clientele, LUX JETS has access to a fleet of bespoke Boeing 737s suitable for private charter. Equipped in either VIP spec or business-class standard row by row, LUX JETS clients enjoy the freedom of designing their itinerary down to the minutia.

Corporate Jet Charter - Upgraded Experience

Executives, upgrade your corporate travel itineraries and leave the realm of standard commercial flight long in the past.

For further information on corporate private jet charter reach out to the LUX JETS team at or request a quote.

LUX JETS | Corporate Private Jet Charter


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