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LUX JETS' Mission for Corporate Private Jet Charter

LUX JETS is on a mission to be the 'household' name for corporations, when booking their corporate travel itineraries for corporate private jet charter.

For corporations, the most valuable commodity isn't always the product or service that they sell; but is the intangible and priceless commodity of time.

Flying by private jet saves the valuable commodity of time both in the air and on the ground. Firstly, I need not mention the horrendous airport and security queueing that people experience when flying commercial, let alone the ever more frequent strike action often cancelling the trip entirely. With private charter, the CEO, board-member or vital employee can arrive 20 minutes prior to departure.

Secondly, private jets offer unrivalled air speed when compared to commercial jets. For example, Gulfstream's all-new G700 recently averaged a test-speed of Mach 0.90 (690mph) - compare this to Boeing's 737-800, a typical commercial jet at Mach 0.79 (601mph). Let's not forget the added benefit of landing at thousands of airports not available on the commercial schedule.

Lastly, LUX JETS has partnered with some fantastic lifestyle partners to expand the experience of private charter. Our corporate clients can enjoy the benefit of private security including close protection services and door-to-door transportation offered by our friends at Westminster Security Ltd.

For corporate VIP events and services, our partnership with Mélanie Rogers at La French Conciergerie expands the experience of our corporate clients.

If you're a CEO, MD, on the Board or an employee - reach out to us at LUX JETS and we'll design your next corporate flight itinerary as well as pre and post flight experiences.

LUX JETS Corporate Private Jet Charter


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