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Private Jet Charter or Commercial Booking?

Let's set the scene: the Board have asked you to plan an ad-hoc trip to Hamburg departing from the closest airport to the office, London Stansted.

Knowing the Board like you know the Board, economy won't cut the mustard.

A quick look on Skyscanner (other platforms available) and you see that there are a few flights available.... But there's a catch....

Firstly, it's near on £2,500 per passenger and secondly, it's a 17h connecting flight! No direct flights available for the business-class passenger.

This is where LUX JETS fit in - we are at your disposal with the perfect solutions for the PA who's been tasked to arrange the Board's travel itinerary.

Departing directly out of London Stansted (at the time you require it to) arriving directly into Hamburg, a bespoke private jet from around £4,000 per passenger.

Champagne included 🥂

We'll even take care of the Board door to door with a VIP secure pick-up.

Make an enquiry with LUX JETS prior to browsing the commercial flight agenda and you'll be convinced that commercial flight was so last quarter.

Fly Flexible - Fly Private - Book LUX JETS


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