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Fly Private - at a fraction of the price

An 'empty leg' is a pre-determined route which a private jet is scheduled to fly to collect the next charterer, from its current position. For example, a Embraer Phenom 300 has landed in Munich and the charterer has disembarked. The jet is scheduled to collect the next charterer in Geneva and has to relocate from Munich, often empty, to Geneva.



To minimise expenses and to avoid flying the aircraft to its destination empty, private jet operators offer the aircraft as available to charter for up to 80% off the standard charter price. The catch - you have to fly the route the private jet scheduled to fly. 

LUX JETS can negotiate with the operators to allow for some flexibility to accommodate your personal travel requirements. These include departure times or local airport preference. 

With a global network of private jet charter empty legs, LUX JETS has daily empty leg offers ready for immediate booking. As an empty leg list, LUX JETS offers empty leg flights in Europe, Asia and North America.

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If you have a route in mind, email us at with your preferred route and we'll add it to our watchlist. 

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