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Can Private Jet Charter Be Cost Effective?

Question: How much more does it cost to charter a jet in comparison to a first-class ticket?


There's often a misconception that chartering a private jet is vastly more expensive than flying the same route with the Liner.

However this is actually far from the truth....

A return flight from London to Las Vegas for a group of friends or colleagues, for example, would cost around £4,150 per passenger in First Class.

It would also take around 14.5 hours given the 1 stop layover!

The same route, on the same days but flown via a privately charted jet would cost around: £142,000 for the whole aircraft. Split that between all 13 passengers and it's about £10,930 per passenger.

The flight is also direct and takes about 9.5 hours.

Furthermore, with private jet charter, you can arrive 15 minutes prior to departure rather than the standard 3 hours - a huge time saving bonus.

Next time you and the team need to fly to your destination - save time and experience the bliss of private charter for an unexpected reasonable price.

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