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Bespoke on-demand and fully flexible private and group jet charter for corporations worldwide

On Demand and Fully Flexible Jet Charter 

With a network of thousands of jets across the Globe, LUX JETS has a solution to all your business aviation needs regardless of the locality.  We can have a jet ready to depart precisely when it needs to, worldwide. 


LUX JETS understands that time is the most important commodity to any corporation. Your organisation will be assigned a personal jet consultant who will remain at your prompt disposal for each and every jet charter that is required.  LUX JETS will arrange for departure and arrival of the jet to the closest and most convenient airport, often not otherwise accessible to commercial flight.  

On demand and fully flexible - if schedules change last minute, we're on hand to make alternative arrangements to fulfil your unique itinerary. 

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Business Aviation  

LUX JETS are proud to support corporations, industries, sporting clubs, and the arts with flexible jet charter 

Looking Up at Skyscrapers

Office Above The Clouds

Your business operations shouldn't cease whilst in transit. With our bespoke travel solutions, LUX JETS can arrange for the jet to be equipped with on-board Wi-Fi or a satellite telephony to ensure focus and productivity remains at peak level on the journey to your destination. 

Enjoy a luxurious and spacious cabin with an unrivalled level of privacy and tranquility.

Enjoy VIP lobbies courtesy of Fixed Based Operators included within your charter price.


Every Occassion Covered

Each LUX JETS charter consultant will brief themselves on the intricacies within your industry to provide a smooth level of charter service. We'll apply our knowledge of your industry to ensure that the jets offered fit your bespoke charter requirements, from the capacity of the aircraft down to the colour of the fabric therein.

Fashion shows, sporting events, business meetings or diplomatic attendances, your organisation can rely on LUX JETS to arrange hassle-free, flexible and discrete travel.

When chartering a private jet for an event or for business, nothing short of perfect will suffice. 

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A Global Fleet

LUX JETS has access to a global fleet of the finest private jets and group charter jets available. 

Regardless of your itinerary specifications, we'll provide the perfect jet to fit the brief.

Access to:

  • A fleet of Boeing 737s capable of 60+ passengers 

  • The latest Boeing Business Jets capable for ultra-long range trips

  •  The finest heavy-jets for an opulent travel experience

  •  Or a 4 seater light-jets for a quick return business meeting

Truly bespoke, personalised jet charter designed around your business.

Corporate Booking


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