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Property Investment & Private Jet Charter in Texas - The Perfect Partnership

The world really is your oyster when it comes to property investment. Each and every 'corner' of the globe (don't worry we don't think the world is flat...') offers unique real estate investment opportunities. Naturally, when it comes to traversing the world to visit, manage or acquire investment properties, private jet charter is the preferred method. That's why LUX JETS has partnered with Gottfried International Estates, our Lifestyle Partner offering real estate investment opportunities in Texas, Washington DC, Europe and the Middle-East.

Property investment in Texas in particular offers numerous opportunities for investors to maximize their returns. The state's vibrant economy, low tax rates, and business-friendly environment make it an attractive destination for property buyers. Cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth are experiencing rapid population growth, driving up demand for housing and commercial spaces. Texas also boasts a diverse housing market, ranging from affordable single-family homes to luxury properties, catering to various investment budgets. Additionally, the state's steady job growth, expanding infrastructure, and favorable rental market make it an ideal choice for both long-term appreciation and rental income. With a strong real estate market and favorable economic conditions, property investment in Texas presents exciting prospects for investors.

Our Lifestyle Partner Bill Gottfried of Gottfried International Estates has over 25

years' experience in property investment opportunities across Texas including Houston, Dallas and Austin as well as in the South of France and the Middle-East.

LUX JETS works closely with Gottfried International Estates to provide discrete and fully flexible private jet charter to and from Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas. With access to thousands of aircraft worldwide, LUX JETS sources the perfect jet to provide transatlantic charter from Europe, the Middle-East or US Internal charter to Houston, Dallas, and Austin Texas. Read our further article on private jet charter to Houston here

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For further private jet charter or investment enquiries contact the LUX JETS team.


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