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Private Jet Hire to Rome

Travelling to Rome? Make your trip as luxurious as possible by opting to hire a private jet. Private jet hire to Rome is the ideal solution for those looking to travel with maximum comfort, convenience and privacy. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, hiring a private jet is the perfect way to get to your destination, that's why high-profile professionals opt for private jet hire as their method of choice.

Private Jet Hire to Rome

A private jet hire to Rome ensures that you can travel in total comfort with absolutely control over your privacy and discretion, allowing you to relax and take in the sights and sounds of the ancient city. With a catalog of jets available, LUX JETS has the perfect private jet hire to jet you off to Rome.

A private jet offers a wide range of benefits, from absolute flexibility to faster travel times. Private jets typically take off and land on smaller airports, which are often closer to your departure and destination points than larger commercial hubs. This translates into shorter journey times, reducing stress and fatigue. Enjoy the benefits of exclusive VIP lounges and FBOs, complemented by a private jet hired to depart precisely at the hour you desire.

As far as cost is concerned, private jets can be more economical than traditional flights in certain situations. Unlike commercial flight where you purchase a seat, the jet is a fixed price which enables you to decide on how many guests you wish to accompany you to Rome. When travelling with a large group, for example, the cost of hiring a private jet can work out cheaper than purchasing multiple first-class airline tickets. Often, some commercial routes don't even offer first-class travel solutions from your desired departure location. Explore our dedicated post on the subject:

Private jet hire to Rome

Our Clients place security at paramount importance. A private jet hire to Rome would offer the highest level of protection and safety. Experience a discrete cabin experience with full control over your privacy. With regards to safety, LUX JETS ensures that all hired jets are compliant and, if the charterer requests, will source jets with additional safety certifications.

Rome is an amazing city to visit: from its ancient ruins to its Renaissance and Baroque architecture, it is one of the most historical cities in the world. It has something to offer for everyone, with unique attractions like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa all within easy reach. The cuisine is also exceptional, with a variety of Italian dishes and a unique blend of flavours. Hire a private jet to Rome with LUX JETS and experience the art of flight. LUX JETS takes care of the difficulties in sourcing private jets and provides you with a selection of carefully chosen jets to meet your bespoke itinerary requirements. All whilst remaining competitive in price.

How much does it cost to hire a private jet to Rome?

A private jet hire to Rome can be relatively cost-effective or can cost several tens of thousands, depending on your location. A mid-size jet costs around €6,500 per hour whereas a very-light jet, often known as an air-taxi can cost around €2,500 per hour.

Private Jet Hire costs are calculated on your travel itinerary as well as your preference for an aircraft. The larger the jet, the more expensive the private jet hire.

LUX JETS has outstanding capabilities of sourcing the perfect jet for every occasion. Complete a quote request and your personal charter consultant will remain at your disposal for the entirety of the journey, from booking to boarding.

private jet hire to Rome


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