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Jet Charter - A True Solution for Corporate Travel Itineraries

Corporations across the Globe face the same common denominator when it comes to international (or national) business travel - the consequential loss of the most valuable commodity, time.

With an average of 8 hours per day, C-Level executives have the tough task of ensuring the company's productivity remains at peak performance to promote growth and financial stability. It goes without saying that time otherwise spent engaging in meaningless activities has a direct correlation to a drop in productivity and performance.

In recent months, a person is expected to spend around 133 minutes waiting in an airport to board their commercial flight. In many cases in Europe, that's longer than the flight itself. What this equates to is a full working day lost simply traveling to your destination, which we find totally unacceptable.

When reaching out to our corporate clients, we pose the question "so how do you deal with corporate travel itineraries?". Most commonly, a member of the board has their trip planned by their assistant who uses their limited knowledge of the area surrounding the itinerary to book their C-Level onto any business class seat. That same C-Level is expected to give up a full working day in order to reach their intended destination. As a consequence, the most valuable commodity of time indeed wasted.

LUX JETS has the solution.

Our role as your personal jet consultant is to minimise the loss of your productivity by respecting the importance of time.

We'll first understand the route and your schedule and build the perfect jet itinerary around your bespoke needs.

We'll arrange with our operators the exact time that you need the flight to leave and arrive and arrange for your chauffeured vehicle to pick you up from the office precisely.

What's more, with private airport terminals, often referred to as FBOs, you can arrive as little at 20 minutes prior to departure with the benefit of private security checks and your luggage being personally loaded onto the aircraft, whilst you sip your first glass of Moët in the VIP private lounge.

We've already saved you at least 110 minutes.

Furthermore, with the option for WI-FI on board, you can continue to drive productivity from 30,000 feet above the clouds.

LUX JETS has extensive knowledge in the local area which enables us to arrange for the jet to depart and arrive at an airport closer to your destination not otherwise available with commercial flight - further reducing the time spent outside of the office.

Let's address the elephant in the room - Yes chartering a private jet is more expensive than a business class ticket. However we urge you to read our article "Private Jet Charter or Commercial Booking?" as you will be pleasantly surprised - you can read this here:

Our question to you in this - why should you have to be unavailable for a whole working day simple to travel to attend an international meeting or event? The answer really is, you shouldn't.

With LUX JETS, it's possible to fly in the morning and return in the evening in the same time as one would spend waiting in commercial airport queues.

To bring this article to a smooth conclusion, name a business class seat more comfortable and spacious ... we'll wait.


Respecting your time and productivity - Keep it LUX JETS


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