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Private Flights to / From London 

London has some of the best aviation infrastructure to cater for private jet flights flying to or from London. With its prime location as the middle ground between Central Europe and North America, London can accept private flights from the U.S as well as from mainland Europe with ease. 

Serviced by some of the best international airports globally, as well as bespoke private jet-exclusive airports, private jet charter to London is guaranteed to be a seamless experience.  

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What are the best London airports for private jet charter?
 1. London Biggin Hill ​


Biggin Hill is among the favourite airport for private jet charters and operators flying in and out of London. A former RAF base and designated private jet airport, its prime location is  12 miles from the centre of London and offers fast and convenient vehicle transportation or a swift 6 minute helicopter transfer. 

Capable of handling aircraft ranging from very light jets through to VIP Airliners, London Biggin Hill is the perfect option for exclusive private jet charter to and from central London. 

London Biggin Hill 


Runway Length: 1806m

Distance to Central London: 12 Miles



2. London City Airport 

Located in the heart of London, London City Airport offers the closest possible option for private jet flights to and from London. Boasting a 90 second departure and arrival check time, London City Airport boasts  5* services from FBO handling through to aircraft servicing. 


London City Airport


Runway Length: 1500m

Distance to Central London: 3 Miles


3. London Stansted Airport 

Located north of central London, London Stansted Airport handles both frequent commercial flight and bespoke private jet charters. Known for its high-level of security, London Stansted's jet terminal operates 24 hours a day and can handle the largest of private aircraft. 

London Stansted Airport 


Runway Length: 3048m

Distance to Central London: 30 Miles

4. Farnborough Airport

A state of the art dedicated private jet airport with exquisite FBO and handling services. Focusing on overall passenger experience, Farnborough Airports offers artistic, theatrical architecture and design. 

Farnborough Airport


Runway Length: 2040m

Distance to Central London: 32 Miles

5. London Luton Airport

Serviced by two prestigious FBOs, Harrods Aviation and Signature Flight Support, London Luton is one of the most popular airports to charter a private jet to or from London. Located within driving distance to central London, the private jet services offered at London Luton are top-class. London Luton is also a popular departure destination for empty leg flights to and from London. 


London Luton Airport 


Runway Length: 2160m

Distance to Central London: 35 Miles

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to London?

The cost of chartering a private jet to London starts from as little as €4,500 per hour for a very-light private jet often known as an 'air taxi'. Of course, the precise cost depends on your departure location and jet preference but mid-sized private jets start from around €7,500 per hour with the largest jets costing around €16,000 per hour. 

With LUX JETS empty leg offers, London is a very popular and often available empty leg flight within Europe. Our empty leg private jet charter offers allow you to charter a private jet in Europe for up to 80% off the original charter cost. 

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