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Private Jet Hire to Ibiza

Hiring a private jet to your desired destination is an experience that is second to none and truly is at the apex of luxury travel. Private jet hire to Ibiza is the desired method of travel for high-profile individuals and celebrities who enjoy a personalised, discrete and stress-free cabin experience alongside a flexible flight schedule accommodating to their bespoke needs.

Ibiza is the beating heart of Europe's clubbing scene. It offers world-renowned nightlife with A-list DJ sets, stunning beaches and a vibrant cultural scene, Ibiza is the ultimate destination for those seeking a high-end holiday and party experience. In this article, we delve into the many benefits of hiring a private jet to Ibiza, highlighting how it can take your luxury party experience to new heights.

private jet hire to Ibiza

Discretion & Flexibility With Private Jet Hire to Ibiza

With Ibiza's world-wide popularity comes fully booked commercial flights into Ibiza Airport (IBZ). For high-profile individuals and celebrities, unwanted attention prior to performing or relaxing is something which they care to avoid. Private jet hire offers a fully discrete and subtle travel experience. Enjoy the jet alone, or with a select number of friends but always avoid the lengthy airport queues and unwanted attention in-flight.

Our private jet partners respect your privacy and allow you to enjoy your flight in tranquil cabins without undue interruption.

Further, unlike commercial flight whereby you are bound to the airliner's schedule, private jet hire allows you to design your return flight from Ibiza to fit perfectly with your schedule. With short-notice booking available, LUX JETS can ensure that you depart the moment that you're ready to.

Private jet hire to Ibiza


In a world where image means everything, there's no better way to arrive in Ibiza than by private jet. What's more, most private jets offer high-speed Wi-Fi allowing you to post, stream or share your private jet hire experience with the world as you live it.

Enjoy gourmet catering, luxurious alcoholic beverages and lavishly upholstered cabins as part of your private jet hire experience.

Safety & Security

When chartering with LUX JETS, your designated broker will ensure that the private jet complies with the obligatory levels of safety and aircraft certification. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your private jet hire to Ibiza is safe, fully regulated and certified.

For those who value security, with private jet hire to Ibiza you'll enjoy private VIP airport terminals (FBOs) which offer VIP security screening and luggage checks. Most FBOs are completely separate from the main terminal building so you won't have to mix with unwanted crowds.

Luggage & Pets

With commercial flight having ultra-strict luggage requirements, clients turn to private jet hire to allow a more flexible approach to luggage capacity. Charter a jet suitable for your luggage requirements and provided they pass the usual security checks and procedures, you can bring with you as many cases as you require.

For some, they just can't live without their pets. At LUX JETS, we can arrange for your furry friend to fly with you in the cabin as most operators allow you to bring pets on board.

Private jet hire to Ibiza is the perfect option to arrive at Europe's most stunning party destination in style, comfort, privacy and per your schedule. It adds to your high-profile holiday experience and permits you to arrive and depart at times which suit your travel plans whilst removing the usual stresses from flying altogether.

How much does it cost to charter a private jet to Ibiza?

The cost of chartering a private jet to Ibiza starts from as little as €2,500 per hour for a very-light private jet often known as an 'air taxi'. Of course, the precise cost depends on your departure location and jet preference but mid-sized private jets start from around €6,500 per hour with the largest jets costing around €14,000 per hour.

Depending on your departure location, LUX JETS recommends a light to medium jet to charter into Ibiza. Some of the more 'exotic' light jets such as the Embraer Phenom 300, Pilatus PC-24 offer adequate range for European charter whilst boasting luxurious and spacious cabins.

For those who are travelling with more passengers, a mid-size cabin such as the Cessna Ciation Latitude or Cessna Citation Sovereign offer lavish amenities and are suitable for between 8-9 passengers.

Private jet hire to Ibiza

Enjoy bespoke, on-demand and a fully customisable private jet hire experience to Ibiza only with LUX JETS

Private Jet Hire to Ibiza


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