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Private Jet Charter To The UK

The United Kingdom has always been a booming hub for commercial aviators, but private jet charter in the UK is most certainly on the rise.

Private Jet Charter to the UK

Despite the UK ranking 80th when measuring countries by land area, its capital city, London ranks joint 1st when measuring cities most served by commercial airports.

Ranking jointly with New York City at a total of 6 commercial airports serving the city, there has to be something said about such a small country needing so many commercial airports. With London being the financial and commercial centre of Europe, it comes as no surprise that the city requires immense support to accommodate the 130 million passengers arriving to London's airports each year.

To accommodate 130 million people, the service and enjoyment level of London airports and commercial flying in general, cannot be maintained to an impeccable standard. To that end, business professionals, HNW individuals and sporting personnel are turning to private jet charter to accommodate their bespoke needs and reduce the overall levels of stress one would experience flying commercial to any one of the 6 airports London has at its disposal.

Looks pleasant doesn't it...

Our clients seeking to charter a private jet to the UK in order to visit London, have the benefit of avoiding the 6 commercially serviced airports all-together.

Upon a quote request, LUX JETS firstly understands the nature of the trip to London and designs the flight itinerary to allow for a seamless experience. When deciding the best airport to accommodate the private jet charterer, we consider the airport's locality and overall passenger experience. The strictly-private airports of London Biggin Hill and Farnborough offer an idillic arrival experience for all private jet charterers.

Both London Biggin Hill and Farnborough offer highly sophisticated passenger handling services with bespoke VIP lounges to enjoy both on arrival and departure, but of course have the added benefit of serving private jet charterers exclusively. The translates to a calm, organised and luxurious start (or end) to the jet charter experience.

Both airports are also located within close proximity to London allowing for a smooth and time-efficient transfer to the city.

For larger private jets such as the Boeing Business Jet, Gulfstream G550 or Bombardier Global 6500, London Stansted offers a compromise between the exclusive VIP airports and larger commercial airports such as Heathrow. London Stansted has fantastic FBO services, a lengthy runway and direct highway access into London.

LUX JETS understands that private jet charter to the UK can be a complex itinerary to plan for. With unrivalled knowledge of the local airports, both commercial and VIP-exclusive, you're in safe hands when making a booking. We'll design the flight to your bespoke requirements, factoring in airport experience and locality as a priority.

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