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Private Jet Charter to The Bahamas - What's the Cost?

The Bahamas has long been a favourite destination for travellers seeking the ultimate in tropical getaways.

Its crystal-clear turquoise waters, powdery white sandy beaches, and vibrant coral reefs, offer visitors a true paradise island experience, which draws high and ultra-high net worth individuals to the islands each year.

According to our Lifestyle Partner Boujee Bahamas, ultra-luxury vacations to The Bahamas are characterised by the bespoke experiences tailored to the preferences of the UHNW individuals.

As the appointed & preferred jet partners of Boujee Bahamas, LUX JETS designs, arranges and monitors the flights for their European clients to the Islands. But the question always arises, what is the cost of private jet charter to The Bahamas?

Private Jet Charter from London to Nassau

The Bahamas is served by its only international airport, Nassau Lynden Pindling Airport, capable of handling heavy and ultra-long range private jets.

To meet the flight requirements and to cover the 4,350 mile flight, a heavy or ultra-long range aircraft, capable of up to 16 passengers, is required - regardless of the actual number of boarding passengers.

Below are some options for private jet charter from London Biggin Hill to Nassau, The Bahamas as a single leg:

  1. Global Express XRS (13 PAX) from London to Nassau - 147,000 EUR (€)

  2. Gulfstream G550 (14 PAX) from London to Nassau - 171,150 EUR (€)

  3. Falcon 8X (13 PAX) from London to Nassau - 179,600 EUR (€)

Private Jet Charter from Paris to Nassau

Below, a few examples of how much a private flight from Paris Le Bourget to Nassau The Bahamas:

  1. Falcon 7X (14 PAX) from Paris to Nassau - 158,000 EUR (€)

  2. Global Express (12 PAX) from Paris to Nassau - 168,500 EUR (€)

  3. Airbus A320 Neo CJ (19 PAXO from Paris to Nassau - 300,000 EUR (€)

Private Jet Charter from Vienna to Nassau The Bahamas

Below, a few examples of how much private jet charter is from Vienna, Austria to Nassau The Bahamas:

  1. Gulfstream G650ER (13 PAX) from Vienna to Nassau - 179,000 EUR (€)

  2. Global 6000 (14 PAX) from Vienna to Nassau - 184,500 EUR (€)

  3. Falcon 8X (13 PAX) from Vienna to Nassau - 193,000 EUR (€)


As our partners at Boujee Bahamas state, The Bahamas cater to the discerning tastes of UHNWIs seeking the utmost in opulence and exclusivity.

With opulence and exclusivity comes a heavy price tag, but with LUX JETS' transparency on its services, any UHNW traveller will be comfortable in the knowledge that LUX JETS arranged the flight at exclusively brokered charter rates and competitive commission accounts.

For private jet bookings to The Bahamas, contact the LUX JET charter team by email at or by submitting the request form linked below.

For exclusive packages in The Bahamas, including yacht transfers and excursions, VIP hotel and restaurant bookings, contact Boujee Bahamas here


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