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Luxury Private Jet Rental: an unparalleled experience

Book luxury private jet rental with LUX JETS below, or discover why you should book a luxury private jet.

Private jet rental is becoming increasing favoured over traditional first class flight. With private jet rental at LUX JETS, you'll wish that you made the decision to fly private sooner. As a spoiler, read on to discover a cheaper way to enjoy luxury private jet charter.

Comfort and Privacy with Luxury Private Jet Rental

One of the key factors that differentiate private jet rentals from commercial flights is the exceptional comfort they provide. Immerse yourself in plush leather seats, spacious cabins, and tasteful interior designs that rival the comfort of high-end luxury hotels. Private jets are meticulously designed to create an ambiance of tranquility and class, allowing you to relax, work, or socialise in comfort and discretion.

Depart from private FBOs (Fixed Base Operators) which are exclusive VIP private terminals offering a fully exclusive and smooth terminal services. You'll enjoy private security checks and personalised baggage collection, often being hand loaded onto the jet as you embark on it yourself.

Lux Jets Private Jet Charter

Furthermore, complete privacy is guaranteed on a private jet. With no strangers around you, you can conduct confidential business meetings, enjoy quality time with your loved ones, or simply revel in your own thoughts without any disruptions. It's the epitome of exclusivity and privacy.

Bespoke services and customisable schedules

Luxury private jet rentals offer a level of flexibility that traditional airlines cannot accommodate. Private charter offers flexible departure and arrival times which are perfectly accommodating to your schedule. LUX JETS designs your luxury private jet rental to fit precisely with your business or pleasure schedule.

Private jet charter allows the liberty to choose your preferred departure and arrival airport as well as, of course, the exact model of aircraft you desire.

This independence ensures that your journey is incredibly efficient and tailored to your preferences.

Moreover, luxury private jet services with LUX JETS come with an array of personalised concierge services offered by our selected LifeStyle Partners and aircraft operators. Whether you desire award-winning gourmet meals, top-shelf beverages, or specific amenities on board, your needs will be anticipated and catered to effortlessly. LUX JETS can even arrange for VIP transportation to and from the FBO. Luxury private jet rental with LUX JETS creates an unforgettable and seamless experience as we attend to every detail of your journey.

Accessible Destinations

One of the most advantageous benefits of luxury private jet rentals lies in the access they grant to exclusive destinations. Something which is vital to our corporate clients, fly non-stop to remote destinations which are often not suited for larger commercial aircraft. For our leisure clients, access secluded resorts, or private mountain retreats that are typically inaccessible through commercial flights.

Luxury private jet charter often removes the need to spend hours waiting on connecting flights as the jet is capable of reaching your destination directly.

Lux Jets Luxury Private Jet Rental


Without the hassle of security lines, baggage checks, and boarding queues, private jets save you valuable time and eliminate the stress associated with commercial air travel. Arrive just minutes before your flight, and your private jet will await your readiness on the apron. This efficiency allows you to maximize your productivity when traveling for business or indulge in every minute of your well-deserved vacation.

Empty Leg Flights

Luxury private jet rental can cost thousands per flight hour but with LUX JETS' empty leg offers, you can charter a luxury private jet for up to 80% off the bespoke charter price.

An empty leg is a route that a jet must fly to relocate or collect its next passenger. The private jet operator will offer the relocation route for a large discounted price to attract attention and recoup on fuel costs. When purchasing an empty leg however, you forego the flexibility that bespoke private jet rental offers - but we recommend that you treat it like an upgraded commercial flight, it's upper first class.

Spread the costs amongst a group of your friends or colleagues and the charter price of the whole jet can be as little as a few hundred euros each.


Luxury private jet rental epitomises ultimate opulence, comfort, and convenience in travel. From unrivaled comfort and privacy to tailored services, custom itineraries, and access to exclusive destinations, private jet rentals take travel experiences to an entirely new level. Embrace the sense of freedom, luxury, and efficiency that private jets offer, and embark on unforgettable journeys that transcend ordinary expectations.

Book with LUX JETS to ensure a fully regulated, safe and hassle free private jet rental experience.


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