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Lux Jets enters into strategic partnership with Aicon Yachts

Lux Jets is pleased to welcome Aicon Yachts as a Lifestyle Partner.

Aicon Yachts is an award winning hand crafted yacht builder established in Italy in 1993.

Striving for the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship, Aicon Yachts is a perfect dialogue between architectural design and engineering. Aicon Yachts offer a boutique and personalised yacht purchase experience including an invitation for clients to visit the shipyard to inspect their yacht under construction.

Clients of Lux Jets, who are accustomed to a fully bespoke charter experience, will enjoy the customisation that an Aicon Yacht will offer. Tailored to meet the needs of every owner, the AICON 68 Vivere (pictured below) offers versatile, custom layouts designed to elevate comfort and functionality. Accommodating 3 or 4 Staterooms and 1 or 2 Crew quarters, and Galley Aft/Galley Fwd configurations. Further, Aicon Yacht's cutting-edge vacuum infusion construction, featuring carbon topsides, ensures unmatched strength and durability.

Lux Jets loves that Aicon Yacht's fully integrated manufacturing facility allows for tailor-made selections of materials and wood finishes, curated by their expert AICON CENTRO STILE Department - a truly bespoke experience for clients of Aicon Yachts and Lux Jets.

As the appointed preferred jet parter of Aicon Yachts, Lux Jets is on standby to arrange bespoke chartered flights to Aicon Yachts' shipyard in Giammoro, Sicily.

Having broken through in the American yachting market, many of Aicon Yachts' clients are based in the United States.

By way of an example, a return flight from Miami (Opa-Locka) to Catania Airport is available to charter at an estimated charter price of 208,000 USD.

These flights require Heavy to Ultra-Long Range aircraft such as the Bombardier Global Express XRS, Dassault Falcon 7X or the highly desired Gulfstream G550, G600 or G700 (pictured below)

Lux Jets is proud to announce the strategic partnership with Aicon Yachts. The symbiotic nature of luxury custom-made yachts with luxury custom-made flights is a powerful combination designed to enhance the overall lifestyle experience.

Aicon Yachts join a prestigious selected group of Lifestyle Partners including A-List Group Yacht Charter, Boujee Bahamas, Gottfried International Estates and La French Conciergerie who each offer a unique Lifestyle service to the Lux Jets clientele.


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