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Is Private Jet Charter Really Worth It?

The short answer - YES absolutely. Save for the obvious benefit of flying in the most luxurious aircraft the world has to offer, have you ever taken a moment to consider some of the hidden benefits of private jet charter?

Naturally, the main benefits are the ability to escape the panic-ridden airport crowds as well as avoiding the uncertainty of commercial flight scheduling - but there are so many added benefits to bespoke jet charter:

1) Private jet passengers avoid the usual airport crowds by utilising the benefits of a private aviation terminal as well as beautifully designed lounges. The added benefit - you can turn up as little as 20 minutes before your departure and head straight through security before immediate boarding. This translates to a huge time-saving advantage in comparison to the traditional waiting times of around two hours with scheduled flights. As they say, 'Time Is Money'.

Some FBOs offer custom services such as a concierge to handle check-in and luggage for you. In select airports, you can even be driven straight onto the tarmac! (Travel, fit for Royalty)

2) Privacy - Private charter isn't just reserved for business personnel. Private jet charters are increasingly popular among people who value their privacy over anything else.

When you're on a commercial flight, you can't pick and choose who sits next to you, who will then spend the flight ogling at your computer screen mid-email. It's called "Private Jet" for a reason! Enjoy the jet to yourself or a selection of friends or colleagues and enjoy the tranquillity of privacy.

3) No need to restrict on luggage! This can be a huge benefit if you are someone who likes to travel with a lot of gear.

Travelling for sporting events or working in industries that require large or heavy equipment, private jet charter can accommodate your bespoke luggage requirements. No need to worry about your luggage going astray or getting damaged in the loading process, you can collect your luggage as soon as you exit the Jet, saving precious time otherwise wasted waiting tentatively at the luggage carousel.

4) Why not bring your dog along for the ride? Most operators allow you to bring your pets along when you're traveling by chartered jet.

Stress-free, comfortable, privacy and time efficiency are some of the best reasons to charter a jet next time you're travelling.

Whether you are flying for a corporate event or for a personal holiday, the benefits of jet charter don't discriminate.

LUX JETS have access to over 3000 jets worldwide. Wherever you're heading contact the Lux Jets team and we'll arrange the perfect jet for the perfect occasion.

BOOK NOW via our online booking form, or email us directly at

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