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Aicon Yachts is an award winning hand crafted yacht builder established in Italy in 1993

Striving for the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship, Aicon Yachts is a perfect dialogue between architectural design and engineering

Aicon Yachts offer a boutique personalised yacht experience to satisfy each and every client. Clients of Aicon Yachts enjoy a boutique and bespoke purchase experience with invitations to the ship yard to inspect their yacht under construction. 


 Their team of designers and engineers work in tandem to achieve both aesthetic appeal and practicality for each hand crafted yacht. This design philosophy has resulted in the creation of  stunning vessels that are not only visually striking but also built to withstand the challenges of the sea 


Meticulously designed and crafted, Aicon Yachts is the proud receiver of international yacht awards. More recently, the Vivere 66' was awarded the winner of the World Yacht Trophy 2022

LUX JETS is proud to partner with Aicon Yachts who offer equally outstanding customer service and impeccably high standards


Partnering luxury with luxury, LUX JETS is pleased to be confirmed the preferred air charter partner of Aicon Yachts for bespoke air travel between the ship yard and the client's residence

For beautifully bespoke crafted yachts, reach out to Aicon Yachts below

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