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Experts in Charter  | Leaders in Service 


From Telephone to Tarmac 

As your personal private jet chartered flight consultants, we relieve the time and stress from flying to deliver the flight you require - no compromise  

Your personal consultant will assist you from booking to boarding leaving you to experience the full benefit of private flight

Enjoy private flight from anywhere, at any time.

LUX JETS Private Jet Charter
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Sophisticated Private Jet Charter

Charter a private jet with LUX JETS and receive a sophisticated worldwide service. Available 24/7, LUX JETS has access to over 3,000 private jets available at the best brokered rates. 


You'll be appointed a personal jet consultant who'll arrange a selection of private jets available to fulfil your itinerary and will remain at your disposal until the itinerary has been completed. 


Enjoy the benefit of private airport terminals and security checks upon departure and arrival*

Complete the online booking request and we will arrange the perfect flight for you - saving you time and stress

*when available at the airport. 

Door to Door

If you require a pickup from your front door or your office lobby, LUX JETS will arrange the perfect private vehicle to take you to the terminal*

Enquire with your booking

* All UK and major European cities

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The LUX JETS Difference

At LUX JETS we pride ourselves on remaining true to our roots, despite our growth - Boutique Private Jet Charter with a personal touch.

Unlike most private jet charter companies, LUX JETS remains true to its origins of a boutique jet charter consultancy. When booking with LUX JETS, your consultant will be one of two beneficial owners of the company and not a sales representative. This translates to an unrivalled level of service and attention to detail to protect the LUX JETS brand and immaculate level of reputation. 

We'll take your private jet charter experience personally remaining at your disposal from booking to boarding should you have any additional requests or queries. 

With access to a global network of regulated private jets as well as personal partnerships with leading operators, we'll be able to source your perfect jet at rates not available in the consumer market. 

With a focus on simplicity, speed and transparency - LUX JETS is unrivalled in service to its clients. 

"Personalisation is what makes LUX JETS truly unique.
Our clients aren't passed from pillar to post by different sales representatives like other brokerage firms - Our clients know me personally, have my number and know I'm available for them 24/7" 

Lucas Crumb


Frequent Private Jet Charter Destinations

Private Jet Charter to London

Private Jet Charter to New York 

Private Jet Charter to Hamburg

Private Jet Charter to Dallas

Private Jet Charter to Chicago

Private Jet Charter to Hong Kong

Private Jet Charter to Tokyo  

Private Jet Charter to Milan

Private Jet Charter to Munich 

Private Jet Charter to Vienna

Private Jet Charter to Zurich

Private Jet Charter to Houston

Private Jet Charter to Toronto 

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