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Private Jet Hire To Montenegro 

Hiring a private jet to your desired destination is an experience that is second to none and truly is at the apex of luxury travel. Private jet hire to Montenegro is the desired method of travel for high-profile individuals, business executives, celebrities and sporting personnel who enjoy a personalised and stress-free cabin experience alongside a flexible flight schedule accommodating to their bespoke needs.


Montenegro is a beautiful country located in the Balkan region of Europe, boasting stunning landscape and Mediterranean coastline. It has a well-established tourist trade, and its coast is home to some of the world’s most exclusive holiday resorts. For those looking for a luxurious, exclusive vacation experience, there is no better way to travel than by private jet hire to Montenegro.

Image by Faruk Kaymak

Montenegro is a small, yet stunningly beautiful country located in the Balkans and on the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy its stunning bay, mountains, crystal clear waters, lush green parks and friendly locals. Montenegro is an unexpected pleasure that will leave lasting memories.

The country’s pristine coastline, including the magnificent Bay of Kotor, is the chief attraction. Here you can find incredible beauty, with dramatic mountains and clear blue waters. From the bay, travel around Montenegro, sampling local wines, local cuisine, and exploring the country’s beautiful landscapes. With a mix of rolling hills, mountain terrain and ancient walled cities, Montenegro is a paradise for hiking and outdoor activities.


Students of history will also appreciate Montenegro's place in world culture, with its inner city walls, monuments, forts, and other historical sites. Hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to explore the stunning mountain scenery and ancient cities.


LUX JETS offer private jet hire services to Montenegro. LUX JETS has a wealth of experience and information on all the different airports available. From Tivat Airport, boasting spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea, to Podgorica Airport, located in the south of the country and just a short drive away from the beach.

When you fly to Montenegro in a private jet, you'll get the benefit of a comfortable, luxurious, and private journey. You'll get to customise your flight plan, allowing you to have the exact amount of time to explore this amazing country. Plus, you won't have to wait in security lines or experience the stress of managing multiple passengers. LUX JETS clients feel relaxed when arriving by private jet to Montenegro, the quiet and spacious private jet cabins allow for a tranquil transit experience. Unlike commercial flight, your holiday commences the moment you arrive at the VIP Terminal or FBO.

Image by Anton Matis

Private jet hire can offer increased safety and peace of mind. Many private jets are equipped with satellite telephony systems and wi-fi to ensure that you remain connected to your personal affairs whilst in transit to Montenegro.


In addition to the bespoke and relaxed travel experience, hiring a private jet is the perfect way to add extra luxury to your trip. You will have access to the sleekest, most modern aircraft, with luxurious interior furnishings, the latest technology, and, of course, refreshments and exquisite catering on board. You can enjoy the spectacular views of Montenegro from the sky in complete relaxation and comfort. Private jet hire to Montenegro with LUX JETS ensures that the private jet is fully regulated and has all certification required.

Private jet hire allows for you to bring as many passengers as your budget permits. LUX JETS has access to small 4-seat "air taxis" to fully fledged 19 seat heavy jets, even airliners if you prefer. Why not bring your pet with you, some operators allow for pets to fly alongside you. Did we mention generous baggage allowances?


Hire a jet to Montenegro and you'll have the ultimate in travel convenience and experiences. Sit back and enjoy the stunning landscapes and ancient cities, all while experiencing ultimate luxury, comfort and privacy

LUX JETS Lifestyle Partner

A-List Group
Yacht Chart


A-list group is a yacht charter company based in Montenegro, We advise our clients on the best yachts available for charters to and from any destination worldwide.


Transparency, excellence and quality are our core values, we customize every one of our charter itineraries to fit the client's needs exactly.


Yachting in the Mediterranean has always been a big part of it. Today we can offer the same, highest level services to our clients who come to Montenegro in order to enjoy the Kotor Bay and UNESCO protected cities Montenegro has to offer from the comfort of a yacht.

LUX JETS are proud to partner with A-List Group to offer private jet charter to their clients chartering a yacht in the Adriatic and beyond. 

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Regent - Tivat, Montenegro

A stunning bay-side luxurious hotel Located just off the Adriatic Highway in the heart of the Porto Montenegro village.


Aman, Villa Milocer- Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

With eight elegant suites, Villa Miločer's location is unmatched as expected of a formal royal residence. In the heart of regal parkland, it overlooks the glistening Adriatic Sea and pink sands of the picturesque King's Beach.

Mamula Island Hotel - Boka Bay, Montenegro

A hotel surrounded by the sea, this carefully restored fort is now a luxurious and exclusive hotel offering panoramic views, exquisite food and a strong focus on wellbeing.


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