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Private Jet Charter To Munich 

Munich is an exciting city filled with traditional German culture, history and a vibrant Bavarian atmosphere. This enchanting city, nestled in the heart of Bavaria, is famed for its stunning architecture, world-class museums, and traditional beer gardens. A must-visit attraction is the iconic Neues Rathaus, a spectacular Gothic-style town hall that overlooks the bustling Marienplatz. Exploring the historic districts such as Altstadt and Schwabing allows visitors to immerse themselves in Munich's rich heritage. Additionally, Munich's annual Oktoberfest draws millions of people from around the world to celebrate Bavarian tradition.


Explore why Munich's elite fly into the city by private jet charter:

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How much does it cost to hire a private jet to Munich ?

The cost of a chartering a private jet to Munich depends on several factors such as departure destination and aircraft selection. For most mainland Europe flights our clients charter Very-Light to Light jets to fly into Munich. Some popular destinations and prices below:

Private Jet Hire from / to :

Vienna to Munich:  8,250 EUR | Aircraft: Citation M2  | Flight time: 55m | Distance: 221 Miles

Nice to Munich: 9,500 EUR | Aircraft: Phenom 100 | Flight time: 1hr20 | Distance: 363 Miles

Dubai to Munich: 63,000 EUR | Aircraft: Challenger 350 | Flight time: 5hr40 | Distance: 2836 miles

London to Munich: 17,000 EUR | Aircraft: Citation XLS + | Flight time: 1hr30 | Distance: 550 miles

What is the best airport in Munich for private jet charter?

The LUX JETS charter team recommend Munich Oberpfaffenhofen Airport (OBF) (EDMO) as the preferred departure / arrival airport for private jet hire into Munich. 

Located just 25 kilometres from Munich city centre and 20 Kilometres from the Bavarian Lake District, Munich Oberpfaffenhofen is perfectly situated and offers business jet exclusive services not otherwise available at Munich's primary airport, Munich Franz Josef Strauss (MUC) (EDDM). 

The airport permits direct limousine access to the aircraft as well as a slot free departure, meaning there are no on-ground delays for departure slots. 

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Airport Locations


  • Munich Oberpfaffenhofen Airport (OBF) (EDMO)

  • Munich Franz Josef Strauss International (MUC) (EDDM)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long before departure do I need to arrive at the terminal?

Chartering a private jet allows you to arrive at the dedicated private jet terminal (FBO) around 20 minutes before departure. The FBO will handle your security screening and passport controls swiftly upon your arrival. You can then decide to board your jet immediately or enjoy the luxurious facilities that FBOs offer private jet charterers. 

Can I travel with my pets on a private jet?

Yes. Most private jet operators will permit the carriage of your beloved pets provided that you notify us on booking. You will need to ensure that you have complied with all international regulations regarding the carriage of pets before departure. 

Are private jets safe?

Yes, private jets are very safe and comply with strict international regulation on their airworthiness. 
As your private jet broker, we ensure that each operator we select has a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) valid for the operator and the specific aircraft. We also cross reference the certification with the governing body for the operator to ensure a 'belt and braces' approach to your safety and security. 

Can I bring as much luggage as I want on a private jet?

You can, but you must let us know your luggage requirements in advance. Whilst there are not the usual strict weight restrictions on luggage, each private jet will have a luggage capacity which is usually around 2-3 pieces of standard luggage per passenger. If you have plans to travel with a large amount of luggage, we will need to provide you with a larger jet to accommodate your luggage needs. As such, you may have to charter a larger aircraft which will increase the charter costs.  

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